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September 17, 2016

The saucer of daily chores can fail in its functionality if the house of health is not in order. I decided to cut back my afternoon by half like the doctor told me and so far I feel like sht. Just know that your withdrawal will be completely unique based on your individual circumstances. These panic attacks experienced during withdrawal may be more extreme than before you began this drug. I never would have taken this if I had understood the nightmare withdrawal symptoms. Like anyone else I put my trust in a professional doctor and ended up a withdrawal junkie. I am backing off 1/2 of my night dose for 6 weeks, then half the morning dose for 6 weeks.

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The withdrawal has been bad, pressure in my ears, numbness of extremities, and feeling really anxious. In general the lengthier the period over which you have taken a higher dosage, the more difficult the withdrawal. These are usually caused by the withdrawal itself, but can be intensified by the increased anxiety that is also experienced during withdrawals. If you feel extremely depressed after you quit taking Ativan, it’s likely no coincidence – it’s likely a result of withdrawal. Below is a list of symptoms that you may experience when you discontinue Ativan.
Suicidal thinking: Some people report feeling especially suicidal when they withdraw from Ativan. The best thing you can do is follow your taper schedule, exercise, exercise, exercise and go about your life and try not to obsess over every little symptom you think you are experiencing. I’m 62 and have been treated with Zoloft, Effexor, Lexapro, Xanax and Atenolol at different times in my life. I came off the two other meds almost 3 years ago with little to no side effects.
Problem is, when I take 1 mg Lorazepam before bed, I sleep well and no effects next day. I see people struggling cutting down from just 1mg a day I am lightweight freaking out that he is cutting it out too quick. It is pretty common to experience sleep changes when you initially quit buying Ativan online. The higher end of the dosage range per day is 10 mg, but there are likely plenty of individuals taking more than 10 mg due to the fact that they have become highly tolerant and dependent upon this drug for functioning. My sister has been on Ativan for over 20 years, don’t think she could ever quit. I am hoping you are ok. I am currently on 1mg x3 daily and withdrawing off5mg once or twice a month depending on how I am managing it. When I get to the last5mg I will cut it to25mg to come off.
I was prescribed Ativan for 8 years and never questioned the seriousness of the drug as it did its thing. I just stopped cold turkey two days ago from taking one half of a5 MG which had been prescribed to take a whole one daily as needed (?)… I have felt no different except for waking earlier, which I sorely needed to do. Can’t remember how many years I’ve been using it with an occasional missing. I didn’t even know that I was going through withdrawal until I talked to a couple people and did my research online. Vomiting: It isn’t very common to vomit while withdrawing from Ativan unless you taper too quickly and/or have been on it for a long term. Irritability: Since Ativan helps people keep calm and reduces anxiety, withdrawals may lead to increases in irritability as well as aggression. I have been on ativan for 15 years… started at 1mg and was gradually increased to 4mg.

Memory problems: It is well documented that benzodiazepines (like Ativan) can lead to the development of dementia and a decline in memory. It’s been a month now since off the ativan and 3 wks off valium… still ain’t sleeping good and get anxiety once in a while, but hang in there. I don’t consider Ativan an evil drug and I went through a withdrawal that made me suicidal and landed me in the hospital for 8 days. Nausea: If you feel nauseated, just keep in mind that this is common during withdrawal. I am now seeking psychiatric help with kicking ativan and trying to find something less addicting. I have experienced and survived every withdrawal symptom (real and imagined) listed above and I’m still kicking so don’t be afraid, withdrawal symptoms always go away.
It is important to understand that there is no set withdrawal timeline” or set period of time that the withdrawal is going to take. Above all trust that God’s plan isn’t for you to be an addict, but to make you strong through this to fulfill your life and what he wants from you, God bless. I called my doctor the next day and asked him if it would be okay to take the Ativan (2x daily at5mg) until I felt better and he said it would be fine. Many people quit cold turkey and do not realize that not only can this be dangerous, it will yield significantly more severe and longer-lasting withdrawal symptoms. My brother, who doesn’t believe in taking any drugs, was having a nervous breakdown, and found tremendous relief taking Ativan for a short period of time.

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